15mm Endfeed Obtuse Street Elbow MxF

Premium grade 15mm endfeed obtuse street elbow MxF are desined to go into a 15mm fitiing to then take a 15mm copper pipe they are great space savers and often used when space is at a premium. Endfeed obtuse street elbows are available in 15mm, 22mm and 28mm. Also known as 135 or 45 degree bends. Available to buy in singles or in bulk

  • Holds the British standard kitemark licence
  • Cost effective installation
  • Manufactured with grade A copper
  • Made to EN 1254-1 standard
  • Copper is fully recyclable
  • Neat design for easy installation
  • Sterilisation effect of copper
  • Low corrosion
  • Excellent durability
  • WRAS approved

Don't forget your flux and solder

WRAS Approved

Product made to EU and BS Standards