Centramag Central Heating Magnetic Filter Kit

Made by Trappex the Centramag was the first magnetic filter to also filter out none magnetic waste within the central heating system.

Centramag superflow technology keeps heat exchangers clear and clean of magnetite. 

Advanced drain and instant access design enables easy top up of system inhibitor chemicals.

Easy to install and maintain without dis-assembly of any components, plus a 2 year warranty with the 9500 gauss neodymium magnet coming with a no quibble 10 year warranty.

Easy to annually service without the need to dismantle.

Saves on carbon footprint.

White unit available to co-ordinate with white kitchen units. 

5 patented dirt separators.

The inner filter has a bypass to ensure the Centramag never becomes blocked.

Centramag can be installed vertically or horizontally on 22mm pipework.

Saves on energy bills.

Centramag is designed, engineered and manufactured in Great Britain.