15mm Endfeed Part Crossover

15mm endfeed part crossover designed to make it neater and easier to have pipework crossover each other, for example to take a new water feed over an existing pipe but space is short and you would like to keep it close to the wall as possible. Endfeed part crossovers are available in 15mm and 22mm. Available to buy in singles or in bulk

  • Holds the British standard kitemark licence
  • Cost effective installation
  • Manufactured with grade A copper
  • Made to EN 1254-1 standard
  • Copper is fully recyclable
  • Neat design for easy installation
  • Sterilisation effect of copper
  • Low corrosion
  • Excellent durability
  • WRAS approved

Don't forget your flux and solder

WRAS Approved

Product made to EU and BS Standards