12mm x 1/2" M12 Kitchen Tap Flexible Hoses (Pair) Mono Bloc - WRAS Approved

12mm x 1/2" M12 kitchen tap flexible hoses designed to screw into a 12mm connection on the bottom of the kitchen tap and screw onto a 1/2" male thread. 300mm long.

Mono bloc flexible hoses for the water supply to kitchen taps. The kitchen tap will have either 10mm or 12mm connections and we sell four variations of these hoses. There are two 10mm options, one with a 15mm compression connection at the other end to attach directly to your pipework and one with a 1/2" female nut to attach to an isolation valve or male iron that maybe already in place on your pipework. The same two options are available with the 12mm variation of the hoses. 

These hoses come in a pair so you will receive two mono bloc hoses for the one fantastic price.

WRAS Approved Product for piece of mind.

All products are made to EU and British Standards.